Study with me.
Be a Thinker.

Hey everybody, I’m an American named Micah Killian from The Cave of Thinkers in Saga City. You may have seen me at the Mister Donut at Saga station or Youme Town. I like both coffee and donuts, so Mister Donut is a fun place for me to think and work. But, I’m trying to watch my weight, so I don’t eat many donuts these days.

Anyway, I teach English. I’m pretty good at teaching English. My specialty is teaching pronunciation. Let me ask you a question: Can you say “squirrel”? That’s a really difficult word. Sorry, I should start with an easier word. How about “seat”? No, not “sheets”. Nope, not “sheeto”. Oh lordy, it’s definitely not “shit”. I can’t believe you said that. I almost spit out my coffee.

Okay, I think you need some help. No, really. Please let me help you. Come over to the Cave of Thinkers and let’s think and talk together.